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Grenada Freight Services — reliable shipping service from Canada to Grenada

truck Grenada Freight Services was established in July 2006, when a young entrepreneur identified the need for a reliable shipping service that will honor the needs of fellow Grenadian nationals and affiliates in Canada. 
The idea fueled action and three months later the business was established providing an expert shipping service From Canada to Grenada.  Grenada Freight Services through experience, careful planning and increased expertise has over the years formulated and perfected the most cost-effective method of shipping items to Grenada and ensuring that these arrive in excellent condition and on schedule.

On the heels of expansion, the company reflects on its growth process and acknowledges the vital role demonstrated by many loyal customers, who have amply encouraged the development of this ‘for Grenadians away from Grenada’ Service.  As affectionately stated by one of our customer: “Yes, the barrel man can!”